Marketer. Artist. Communicator. Social Media fanatic. Writer. Yogi. Traveler. These are just a few of the titles you could use to describe me. Currently I am the Director of Marketing Strategy working in the travel and hospitality industry.  In this role, I focus on the execution of the strategic marketing plans while driving the delivery and implementation of marketing strategy for owners and prospects. Prior to my current position, I have held various roles in tourism specifically in social media, corporate communications, design, hospitality and lastly, the service industry.

I also have a passion for painting and drawing. I currently produce art “on demand,” or by request. Check out the “art on demand” above. I specialize in acryllic on canvas and charcoal, pencil and oils on paper.

Experience in: Apple and PC systems/products, Photoshop, InDesign, Symon Design Studio, MS Office, MS SharePoint, and more. Active in social media platforms including: Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and LinkedIn, to name a few.

As a graduate of Lebanon Valley College in 2005, I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Digital Communications with a focus on Business.

Contact me: Send an email by using the QR code to the right or click on “contact me” at the top of the page.